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Discover the secret to END Disappearing Money Syndrome once and for all and have the financial security that you've been longing for...before it's too late! 
Discover the secret to END Disappearing Money Syndrome once and for all and have the financial security that you've been longing for...before it's too late! 
78% of people live paycheck to paycheck 

44% of people cannot cover a $1,000 emergency
70% of married couples don't know how to budget
​41% of women have student loan debt they cannot payoff
Are You One Of The 76% Of Successful Women With Disappearing Money Syndrome? 

What Even Is it?
Disappearing Money Syndrome
1. The phenomenon where all the extra money in your life that you should be able to save or pay down debt with seems to disappear. 
Brie has discovered the SECRET to bleeding money and is on a mission to help strong women JUST  LIKE  YOU!
Meet Brie Sodano
I started my career as a regular financial advisor selling stocks and bonds. I realized that most people don’t have money problems like, “Oh my word, I have so much extra money to invest, but I just don’t have the time. I must call in a professional”. Right? Is that your most pressing money problem? I didn’t think so.

The truth is most women who are smart, successful, and making good money still have financial challenges. Student loans, credit cards, and “disappearing money syndrome” are common financial holdbacks.Stress, feelings of being 
overwhelmed, and embarrassment keep lots of ladies stuck, not just financially, but in jobs or relationships that are less than great.

I am tired of the financial guru’s advice like cash envelope systems or waiting to start life until you are debt free. And what about those savings methods that don’t work in real life!

Are you ready to control the money in your life? Ready for more? Ready to be free rather than letting your bank account dictate your life? If money stresses you out, or holds you back from living life fully, then you are in the right place.
I Created A Safe Space For Women To Take Their Financial Hardships And Turn Them Into Financial Confidence!
Budgets Fail Because They Are ONLY A Plan For The Money, Not The Human Executing The Plan.
Budgets Fail Because They Are ONLY A Plan For The Money, Not The Human Executing The Plan.
Having Financial Confidence Changes Every Aspect Of Your Life
Your Are Less Stressed Day-to-day
No longer do you need to wonder if your budget will break when you go out to get groceries for the week!
You are healthier inside and out
With less stress, your overall health takes a turn. You notice a physical change in your appearance and how you feel!
You have much higher self-esteem
Because of the change in your confidence you know hold your self to a higher standard and feel ready to take on the world!
You are  At your  happiest
With less time focusing on the stressful moments of life you are able to then focus on those moments that truly bring you joy!
Don't Believe Me? Let Mary M. Explain!
Before I worked with Brie, my money situation was tight because I was recently divorced, so I was just kind of trying to take on all the extra financial burdens on my own.

The best part of working with Brie is Brie. Her optimism and personality are just so motivating and you get such a sense of optimism for yourself. She’s really good at honing in very specifically to your individual needs. She works with clients of all types of backgrounds and all different situations, and yet she really gets to know what changes you need to make specifically for yourself.
After working with Brie I have a better sense of awareness and I’m better off in knowing and having more clarity with my strengths, my weaknesses, my goals - and feeling more like my goals are attainable and not feeling like I’m stuck anywhere.

I would tell everyone to work with Brie, which I do just because it’s transformational. It’s a life changing experience that anyone can benefit from. I always say, you know, she’s a Financial Advisor, but I would always say she’s actually a life coach.
Bleeding Money Is A Common Problem,
But It Is Not Your Fault.
Disappearing Money Syndrome is a tricky problem because there isn't just one major purchase that causes the 'bleed'.
The bleed is the result of a thousand tiny little leaks.
The bleed isn’t the result of you being irresponsible, bad at money, or frivolous. Most of the time, a bleed is the result of being busy. When life is busy, it is easy to forget something or to find the time to plan. This is why we end up at the store for one little thing, but end up spending $36.
The Trap Of Busy, Broke, And Exhausted.
  • You can save money or earn cash while shopping
  • Being frugal saves money
  • ​Buying convenience items saves times
  • ​You have to sacrifice to get ahead
Let’s take a moment and bust those lies.
But before we do, let's see what a few of our sheep turned sharks have to say!
- Jane S.
- Krista A.
- Marianne S.


You cannot save money at stores. Earning cash back, or other discounts, complicates the transaction to distract from the spending.
Retailers spend billions of dollars each year researching what makes you buy MORE AND MORE stuff. What they found is the idea of saving money helps you to spend more. They use language like “save” and “earn” to trick your brain.
Hence, the “You saved $117” at the bottom of your receipts. You feel like you’ve won even though they got your money!
They use discount sales and scarcity to encourage shopping as often as possible.


Talk about cutting waste first.

We are told being frugal is a virtue. In reality, being frugal wastes a ton of time and effort. Meanwhile, you're exposed to advertising that manipulates your desires.
Here’s an example:
--I had a client who was going grocery shopping three times per week in the name of “saving money”. She was going to the discount grocery store for the kid’s school snacks. Then she'd stop at the local meat market (because they have good sales). And, finally, she'd head over to the local supermarket for produce and toiletries.

When I compared her total grocery bill to that of clients who weren’t OBSESSED WITH GETTING THE BEST PRICE… she was spending way more! $75 per week more than other clients with the same size family. Plus, she was wasting her precious time, and adding extra stress to her week.--

The idea of always getting the best price encourages more and more shopping. We expose ourselves to more items and advertising. We increase the desires we have and feel less satisfied with the purchase.


 I’m going to let you in on a secret. Time and energy management are critical to financial success. A client and I discovered this while reviewing her transactions.
The client was spending $12 per day on lunch at a deli near her office. The lunch wasn’t delicious or healthy. Why? Because she didn’t have time to bring lunch. 
I call BS. 
I convinced her to time it. It took longer to leave work and wait in line and pay than it did to pack lunch by 25 minutes per day. Buying lunch was costing $60 and 2 hours extra. Plus, it was leaving her tired for the rest of the day (carb overload), while her waist was ever expanding. Then, there was the stress to get back before lunch was over.
The vacation she wanted was about the same cost as the deli sandwiches. Guess which one she chose?


No effin’ way. I have learned the opposite. Feeling deprived causes rebellion spending. I see it time and time again.
When you bleed money in little dribs and drabs all over the place, it messes with your perception of the problem. Many people are terrified I am going to tell them to sacrifice their yoga classes, girls nights, or date nights to the “good with money” Gods.

Here’s the truth. When we get rid of all the tiny bleeds and streamline the household spending, we have room for what is important to us.
All of my clients are smart people, who are successful in all aspects of life, except money. They knew they wanted to be making progress in their financial lives. They are people who work hard, take good care of their families, and are generally responsible adult humans.

 I became curious and wanted to know more, so I created something to help...
Includes our 30-day risk-free guarantee! If for some unknown reason your not satisfied with your purchase,
 simply reach out to us and we will issue a full refund
Find Your Bleed is designed to teach you how to:
Using free software that’s already available to you, I’ll teach you how to set-up and categorize your expenses. These make it easier to track and check spending.

Money tracking apps make suggestions for how to categorize money. If we were using a budget, it makes sense from their standpoint, but we both know, budgets don’t work. That’s why I’ll show you how to categorize your money in a way that does work. It helps you to quickly and efficiently Find Your Bleed. It’s a simple process that will help you to view your money in a new light.
This is the MAGIC!!!!

We’ll look at where your money goes and why. Once you evaluate what’s really going on, you’re going to have what I call the ‘aha-moment’. I’ve guided hundreds of people to this moment. What I’m going to show you may seem simple, but sometimes you need someone else to point it out for you before you can see it for yourself.


In this section, I’m going to walk you step-by-step through easy wins you can make with your money right now. We’ll look at some of your current bills and monthly payments to see where you can eliminate waste in your spending and start saving money along the way.

Time and money go hand-in-hand. If we increase our efficiency in making purchases, in the long run, you’re going to save money. I’ll make simple suggestions you can start implementing today, so you can break the busy, broke, and exhausted cycle.

We’ll look at your spending and see what expenses are bringing you joy, and which ones aren’t. This lesson very often has the biggest impact on many of my students. This is when you realize that throw pillow for the couch or that impulse purchase from the ‘Home Decor’ sales end cap were just that, impulse purchases.
find your bleed is for you if...
  • You're still living paycheck to paycheck.
  • ​You have to rack up your credit in order to take a vacation.
  • ​You are out of money, but feel like you didn't buy extravagant things.
  • ​You've realized you have Disappearing Money Syndrome.
  • You are in a cycle of Busy, Broke, & Exhausted and are ready for a change.
  • ​You should be able to save money, but can't seem to do it.
I teach what I put into practice in my own life. You deserve a mentor that is going to take your life to the next level. I have worked my booty off to create a safe haven for women that have felt frustrated because they did everything right, studied hard, went to college, found a dream career, and still NOT where they wanted to be financially!

If ANY of this on this page is relatable, Find Your Bleed is meant for you.

Find Your Bleed Is THE Program To Learn My #1 Secret...

Are you ready to have the financial confidence you deserve?

The entirety of this course is a $397 Value...

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Second, we will give you assignments to post in our private Facebook group. You will get support and accountability there.

 What if DIY programs are not my jam and I need one-on-one help?

You're in luck! Brie is accepting coaching clients. You can work with her on strategy, habits and money mindset. You can find out more and apply to speak with her on a free 15 min call.

Note: Only 5 new clients are accepted per month and not all applicants receive free calls

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